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This account was last updated September 13, 2018 9:30 PM.

9/13/18 9:30:36pmsendBinance Rep-16.534178 $42.194A6CF76731…
9/13/18 9:09:19pmreceiveKuCoin 1+16.534178 $42.19B222F55777…
8/14/18 5:10:17pmsendBinance Rep-159.741967 $407.64BAF242CB3D…
8/14/18 5:03:24pmreceiveKuCoin 1+159.741967 $407.64E58FA51B92…
6/8/18 2:50:21amsendBinance Rep-17.513374 $44.69C6F96DBCD6…
6/8/18 2:48:45amreceiveKuCoin 1+17.513374 $44.69118FEBA809…


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